Diani Regatta 2020

Now there are only a few days left until the Diani Regatta 2020 will take place. And we, Safina Cottages, will be there as a sponsor for the first time!

The Diani Regatta is taking place for the 7th time already and is establishing itself more and more as one of the biggest events that the South Coast knows. It is a non-commercial event. Entrance is free and the money raised goes towards the prize money and entry fees for the fishermen and community groups that participate in the event.

It is always a wonderful and colourful day at the ocean. There is a good supply of food and drinks and you meet with friends and acquaintances. Especially the traditional Swahili cuisine is worth a try, because you usually don’t get it anywhere else.

Besides the sailing competitions, there is also music and dance of the local Mijikenda cultural groups. Old traditions and ceremonies are explained and performed. If you feel like it, you can simply dance along! For further entertainment there is also a fashion show with the “Mama Lesso” competition and at some market stalls you can buy traditional handicrafts and all kinds of other things.

But the sailing competitions are of course the highlight of the day. Usually there are several heats and a final race. The participating fishermen look forward to this day every year, where they can compete and show off their sailing skills.

Sailing is done with a crew of 3 – 4 fishermen and the sponsors are allowed to put a passenger on board. The start is directly on the beach. The boats will then set off on a triangular course around 2 buoys and the first to return to the starting position will be the winner. Apart from cash, there are also non-cash prizes to be won, such as new sails for three first-place teams.

The award ceremony rounds off the event in the late afternoon and those who want to sit comfortably for a longer time can enjoy a live performance with Taarab music and dance.

More information about the annual event can be found directly on the Diani Regatta website – a visit is worth it just for the beautiful pictures!

“How does it work with the Diani Regatta?” we were often asked.
The sponsors make this event possible! Hotels, organizers, companies etc. “adopt” a boat with a certain sum X. The boat then sails under this flag and with the money raised, after deduction of all costs, starting and prize money, is distributed to the participating fishermen, dance and cultural groups.

The entrance is free, so that the event can really be visited by everyone!

We have been involved in the organisation for a few years now. But 2020 is now a novum – Safina Cottages is also sponsoring the event for the first time and a boat will sail under our flag. We are really looking forward to it, hope for many visitors and of course for a great team that will also cheer for our boat. We are curious if one of our guests would like to sail with us!

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